Find Out How
School Magic Shows
Benefit Students And Teachers

School magic shows can grab your students' attention like no other incursion ... just mention magic tricks and watch all the hands shoot into the air ... and teachers know better than anyone that once you have their attention learning can begin.

All Julian's shows come with the en-courage stamp. Click to find out more about the en-courage philosophy ...

Try these ..

Offer a just-for-fun school magic show as a reward for improved behaviour. No one wants to chance missing the magic show.

Encourage reading during your school's literary week with the Big Magical Books.

Deal with bullying in a memorable way that younger grades understand with the Little Mates show.

Kids WANT TO LEARN magic. Capitalise on this to boost respect, resilience, responsibility and public speaking confidence in your school with the magic leadership sessions.

Watch improvements in fine motor skills and persistence as the little kids throw themselves into the Mini Magician sessions.

Planning an Under 8's day? ... that just got easier.

Take a teacher workshop and put some fun back into teaching.

"Obviously like us you believe the children deserve the very best"
Jo Warner, Katrina Galland, Vicki Diefenbach, Acacia Ridge State School

"Your ability to keep 170 children totally 'on task' for the entire time was a pleasure to watch" Peter Sansby, Principal Blackbutt SS

"… the students were treated to the wonderful show … which addressed our school values in a fun, entertaining and positive way. The tricks Julian Mather performed were breath taking and captivated the entire audience – students, staff and parents like."     Leonie Hultgren, Principal    Harlaxton SS  Toowoomba

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What the ENCOURAGE stamp means ...

Find out more about Julian's en-courage philosophy ...

: to pass on 

courage: the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty

Everyone can use a shot of confidence now and then. Julian has earned his confidence over an exciting lifetime. It's time to give back. Click on the stamp for more.

Whether it's on stage with Julian, learning in a hands-on workshop or laughing in the audience every student leaves more enthused and confident than when they arrived.

"Highly recommended!"
Gaye Ryan, Somerville House School

"Julian is an extraordinary presenter. I can recommend Julian in any school environment - big and small, from prep to year 7. He is simply that good"
Walter Vecchio,
Belmont SS

"Your show had positive and long lasting effects on our school community" Trish Blake Tingalpa SS

"It's a long time since I saw a performer have all the students in the palm of his hands. It didn't matter if they were 5 or 13 years old, they thoroughly enjoyed your show"
Jeanne Imeson, St John's Catholic Primary